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Advanced Care Services

Mindray Vetix P8 Veterinary Digital Radiography System

With advanced x-ray technology and features, it offers a safe and quality diagnosis for animals, ensuring the safety of the user and its patients. The VetiX P8 is the perfect DR system for your animal practice, providing superior image quality and reliability for precise diagnosis.

Mindray Vetus 7 Ultrasound System

With its excellent image quality and ergonomics- centered workflow, the Mindray Vetus 7 provides a total ultrasound solution for animal care. From its state-of- the-art imaging capabilities to its user-friendly interface, it offers a comprehensive solution for veterinary professionals. Take your animal care to the next level with this cutting-edge ultrasound technology!

M-VET MLS Laser Therapy Device

This device utilizes the benefits of the MLS® synchronized impulse, which is enhanced through an optical fiber technology, allowing higher intensity energy packets to penetrate deep into the tissues with total accuracy and safety for our pets.

Mindray Veta 5 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

A powerful solution with advanced features that make surgeries safer and more efficient. Its Volume Support and Intelligent Ventilation Mode automatically calculates the patient’s tidal volume, minimum respiration rate, and trigger. Additionally, the Veta 5’s Automatic Leak Test feature helps streamline prep and safety protocols, giving surgical teams peace of mind and allowing them to focus on the task at hand.